News – AACT Rocky Mountain Section participates at SheTech

SheTech Explorer Day is a conference for high school girls 9th through 12th grade. The day-long event will included hands-on workshops in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The ultimate goal is to expose girls to technology in an entertaining atmosphere as well as meet STEM role models to learn more about opportunities in those fields ( Gwen Evansted from Sweets and current AACT-Rocky Mountain section Chair was invited to give a workshop on “Food Science & Technology – Exploring the wonderful, tasty world of Confectionery Science”. With the help of Silvana Martini, Zachary Cooper, and Nayma Murillo from Utah State University this team of exited candy lovers delivered three 50-min hands-on workshops to girls interested in science and technology. The workshop consisted in describing the role of crystals in different confectionery products. Participants in the workshop were able to explore the differences between grained and non-grained caramel. They were introduced to the concepts behind hard candy and they learned how to make cotton candy. Participants were able to differentiate fat- vs. sugar-bloomed chocolate and the molecular mechanisms responsible for these quality changes in the product were explained. This was indeed an entertaining and informative event resulting in much interest and many follow-up question about food sciences and the confectionery industry in Utah. We hope participants enjoyed the workshop and that we can continue to do this in future...

Seminar topics for 2015 Food & Candy Expo – your IDEAS needed

Hi Everybody, On behalf of the entire AACT Rocky Mountain Team “Happy 2015”! We are in the process of planning our meetings for the upcoming year. We’re in the final stage of securing speakers for the expo and we have a great line up again this year. We would like your input on what you would like to learn about this year. Please be specific and if you have speaker suggestions please chime in. For sure we’ll cover Chocolate Processing Equipment since that will be replaced with a Chocolate Tasting at Caputo’s in March. What other ideas do you have? Please email me, ( and Ruth Kendrick (, our Program Chair. Thanks for your ideas and input! See you in March and watch for our upcoming meeting flyer and newsletter. Gwen Evenstad, Chair Gwen Evenstad R&D Manager Sweet Candy Company® 801.886.8647 (office) 800.669.8669 x 154 801.886.1404 (fax)